From Ashes Reborn: A Scaramouche Shrine

This is a fanpage dedicated to the Genshin Impact character known as Scaramouche, Wanderer, The Balladeer, Kunikuzushi, Kabukimono, Hat Guy, babygirl, literally whatever you decide to name him in the game... (I named him Val). STILL WORK IN PROGRESS!

Scaramouche is a villain turned playable character in the hit gacha rpg Genshin Impact. First making his appearance in 2020, he slowly gained a bigger and bigger fanbase before finally letting the fandom out of its misery of anticipation as he was released as a playable character in late 2022. This fansite is dedicated to him and includes things such as basic info, images, music, videos, fanfic recs and more! Welcome all Scara and Genshin fans, let's make an internet of Genshin fansites.


New fanvids, new ficrec. I also made an edit earlier but didn't mark it, adding a page called "Shrine of Salvation" to the Fanstuff.

Happy Walpurgis Night. Updated information about Scara regarding the new event, added more gifs and added the new cutscene to videos.

New images, new graphics, new gifs, new avatars / pfps, new fanart of mine.

New fanvids, new fansong, new headcanon, made a page for my Genshin fanarts.

New banner in graphics.

Here is for yesterday and today: Changed to the official Scara theme videos in the music section, added Polumnia Omnia lyrics, added new official image in images.

New canon images in the images section.

New fic rec! I also put my own pixel shitpost art up. I just like making little silly pixel images.

There are a few edits I forgot to say earlier + today's. Reworded some stuff, added a new fanvid, pluuuus the site is now a part of the Fansites Webring! (Widget at the bottom of this page).

Added more avatars, funny pics and gifs

Fixed a dead video embed in music, added a new section in fanstuff for fan music

New section called gifs, new image in images, new videos in videos

A new writing by yours truly in the fanstuff section: "Is Scaramouche a god?", more video essays added, made the links css a bit nicer, new graphics

New thing in theories and headcanons.

New funny images.

New fanvid, also new section called "Video essays".

New fanart in Scaranation section, new section called graphics, new section for my favourite theories and headcanons, new avatars, fixed a mistake on the funny images page.

New video in fan videos, new fic rec, explained ship names in Scaranation section.

New video in fan videos, added a section for fic recs, added a section for avatars/pfps, reorganized the front page, new images in funny images.

Added a new section in fanstuffs: Inspirations in Scaramouche's design!

From this day onward, I will list my updates! I have the basic frame of the website down. But more stuff will be added later!

The website is still under construction! Updates will be marked as soon as I get the basics of the website down!

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